Thursday, June 14, 2007

Needing little, we have much.

A good way to prepare for lean times, is to make sure you do not need much to survive. Our new downsized, efficient, off-grid log faced home should be ready to move into this fall. It's 1000' sq. ft., and heated with local wood, so it won't take any fossil fuels or electric to stay warm in our -40 winters. Our source of water is a seasonal spring feeding a cistern, with rain water harvesting. Indoors, there is a 12vdc pump, pressure tank, and a backup hand pump. Outgoing waste, isn't really waste. The compost toilet takes care of the humanure, and the grey water filter will prepare sink and bath water for irrigation purposes.

The solar panels, and our homebuilt wind turbine will provide the electric for our greatly reduced electrical needs. Where a typical on-grid home needs 30kWh daily, we are currently at 5kWh, and looking to slim to 3kWh daily. With the gardens in place, we are focusing on canning and food dehydration to get us through the winter. Our policy of no debt, no mortgage will get us through times of no employment, or under employment.

The big concern for us is healthcare, something we have not found a satisfactory solution for as of yet.

Another concern for us is community, building a network of likeminded friends and neighbors, where everyone can lend a hand in an emergency, or even share the labor, and the fruits of that labor in everyday tasks. There is a development in this area, which we will share soon.


At 6:27 AM, Blogger Zicos said...

You may want to have a look at the link posted....

All though its quite suitable for india, it may work for you as well. Its such a simple setup.



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